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Watch stanless-steel bodynd bezel a row of diands. W mothe of Pearl Dial, Sapphire Crystal gass covered Cntral Jniorneedlendicates timend date isplay fnctin; watch desined quartz movemntndassembled steel chan strap. nique arch arnd then, Cron decorated grooves, all to asy to set-up time.

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Side a anew study report, O'Dnnell predicts that ld-wide sales of wearable computng devices will grow biskly over theext few yars, to 175 millin 2020, up almost eight-fold from is estimate of 22.8 millin 2009. theo of that wth probably will comeas thee gadgets gan favor operatinal settngs, he cnnds, nstead of cntnung to cont cnsumer dend.

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